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Early education should be personal. Not expensive

2000+ Printable LKG and UKG worksheet PDF. Covers english, maths, science, measurements, evs, puzzles and fun activities

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LKG and UKG Worksheet Box Mockup

Suitable of kids 3 to 6 years old

Give the perfect start to your kids. 50+ Fundamental skills and chapters included.

LKG and UKG worksheet bundle goes beyond the traditional method learning by repetition. The tasks are designed to encourage critical thinking and logic. You child will learn to tell time, identify shapes, understand measurements and much more.
Value education chapter teaches moral values, leadership and character building.

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Mother and child learning

Early education should
Be Personal

Preschool or kindergarten kids are curious by nature. Memorizing and mucking up knowledge is a thing of the past. Our KG worksheet bundle gives you the medium to nurture your kid’s natural curiosity.
Answer key included

Perfect worksheets for homeschooling

The worksheet bundle covers the fundamentals of mathematics, logic, colors, shapes, symmertry , alphabets, numbers and much more!

No computer? No problem (Use the phone!)

For easy navigation, the worskheets are divided into 25 chapters. Print at home or at a local shop.


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Early learning should be personal

You will actively participate in the early years of your child's learning process

All you need to get started from home

Print conviniently using your computer or phone, or visit the local print shop

Build strong foundation with relevent skills

Learning is not about memorizing multiplication tables. It is about skill building

1 Year of High quality printable worksheet

These LKG and UKG worksheet are reffered with the CBSE syllabus

Designed to encourage critical thinking

Tasks are arranged in increasing level of difficulty from LKG to Class 1

No distracting Logos or Watermarker

All worksheets are 100% professionally designed and distraction free

How will this help you...

If you are a mom, dad or a teacher, this bundle will help you if...

You wish for a better way to actively
paticipate in your child's
early learning

..... Without spending thousands on expensive courses that still follows the ancient methods

For mommy, dad or a teacher, this worksheet bundle will....

Only bundle you will ever need!

Give your little one an early boost
with fun and engaging tasks,
prepairing them for school

Perfect collection of Lkg and Ukg worksheet

LKG and UKG Worksheet Box Mockup

(1077 Reviews)

This worksheet bundle is created by top
teachers and professors specializing
in primary education

It is hard to locate up-to-date and relevent content for primary education.
Skill development is far important than memorizing tables.
If you are like me, and study material that are effective and fun you are in the right place.
This bundle will skyrocket your kids Cognition, Creativity and Focus.

How it works


To download our lkg and ukg worksheet bundle, click and complete the purchase


Select chapters or pages that you need to practice. Use home printer or visit shop

Learn by Doing

Practice as many times as required to master each skill. Psss.. Parent's guide included.

Whats included?

2000+ lkg and ukg worksheet is divided into 10 modules for easier navigation.
These are then divided into 50+ skills

Boosts cognitive power and problem solving

Logic and Pattern

Your child will learn to tell time, understand patterns, shadows and solve complex logical puzzles like maze and word search.

Improves Quantitative Understanding


Tasks such as more or less, big or small, mass, weights and force allows your child to form real world connections.

Counting like a Pro!

Numbers and Counting

Kids will learn to count and do basic addition and substraction with numbers real life objects.

Become a maths wizard

Maths Worksheets

Learning addition, substraction, division and multiplication has never been so much fun. Math ninja chapter is also included.

Improving handwriting is easier when young

Handwriting Worksheets

This chaper has alphabet tracing practice, word tracing and number tracing worksheet with ruled guides.

Kindergarten worksheets for english

English language

Covers creative writing, grammar (Noun, Verbs, Adverbs), unseen passage and vocabulary building exercises like missing letters

Covers nature, wildlife and technology.

Science and EVS

Children will learn about human body, senses, animal, plants, ecosystem, energy and technology.

Improves coordination and perception

Coloring and Drawing

Contains multiple coloring themes and exersises such as animals, winters, christmas, space, symmertry drawing etc

A Leader is not born but built

Value Education

You little one will understand emotions and moral qualities. It also teaches journaling and asking question to themselves.

printable study schedules


Schedules and Planners

Planning is simplified by 30 cute study schedules. Weekly and daily subjects can be recoded and sticked near the study table.

Instant access to 2,000+ sheets

Who is this for

Moms and Dads

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Tutor and Coach

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(1077 Reviews)

This is what you will get

2000+ High Quality 300+ DPI Worksheets
50+ Essential Skills Covered

lkg and ukg worksheet contents

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

- Ben Franklin

  • Shapes 2D & 3D (66)
  • Shadows and Pattern (21)
  • Telling Time (37)
  • Symmetry (24)
  • Find the Difference (13)
  • Maze and Puzzles (30)
  • Number Tracing (11)
  • Counting (64)
  • Add and Subtract with Object (43)
  • Connect the Numbers (31)
  • Odd or Even (12)
  • Skip Counting (10)
  • More or less (11)
  • Big and Small (23)
  • Long and Short (11)
  • Heavier and Lighter (10)
  • Force and Motion (8)
  • Fractions (15)
  • Identify the Objects (16)
  • Fill the Missing Letters (14)
  • Grammar (36)
  • Word Search (26)
  • Reading Comprehensions (27)
  • Creative Writing (47)
  • Addition (33)
  • Subtraction (22)
  • Multiplication (31)
  • Division (23)
  • Maths Ninja (40)
  • Alphabet and Word Book (53)
  • Number Book (11)
  • Words that begin with A-Z (27)
  • Hindi Varnmala Practice Book (35)
  • Hindi Swar Practice Book (13)
  • Animal Kingdom (27)
  • Plant Life (13)
  • Living Thing and Adaptation (37)
  • Nature and Food (11)
  • Human Body and Senses (17)
  • States of Matter (10)
  • Environment and Recycling (23)
  • Technology and Energy (12)
  • Symmetry Colouring (4)
  • Christmas and Winter Coloring (40)
  • Color Matching (14)
  • Space Colouring Book (10)
  • Animal Colouring Book (22)
  • Color by Numbers (32)
  • Butterfly Colouring Book (8)
  • All About Me (18)
  • Goals and Journal (27)
  • Understanding Emotions (12)
  • Character Building (13)
  • Buddy or Bully (11)

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Some commonly asked question

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With classroom bundle you get option to customize every sheet with your brand and logo. You also get School Administrative Templates Bundle. 

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